Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging, no matter of the fleet size or the purpose. Efficient fleet management refers to the measures taken to keep the fleet up and running at all the time with costs in check. Businesses that depend on a mobile workforce such as Cash & ATM Management Companies generally have high capital expenses that can spiral out of control unless they are managed efficiently. Our CASHMILES can reduce your fleet’s costs and increase your profit margins. CASHMILES can help you:

  • Monitor team’s performance and help them complete more jobs with fewer teams and vehicles.
  • Control vehicle misuse with real-time tracking.
  • Track fuel costs by reducing fuel wastage throughout your fleet.
  • Track maintenance issues before they cause vehicle breakdowns.

CASHMILES can automate a lot of the tasks that were traditionally done manually. By automating repetitive tasks, you can reduce your administrative burden, lower operating costs, and allocate saved time to focus on growing the business. CASHMILES offer fleet operators unlimited access to information about their vehicles and drivers, with a host of features, tools and reports to help maximize their return on investment. The solution comprises of a sophisticated on-board computer, which collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data. It can keep a record of paperwork such as forms, fuel receipts, invoices, trips sheets and filing, and vehicle inspection reports and proof of delivery all in one place.

The tracking module provides a real-time view of a vehicle’s position, whether it is stationary or on the move. It also shows information such as which driver is behind the wheel, which team is onboard, speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations, past trips and more.

Based on the workload and feeds from WORKMATE, CASHMILES allocates staff to the teams according to their skill sets and Job Descriptions (JDs) and delivers the optimum routes to ensure that each service is performed in a timely manner. Route optimization allows for the maximum number of services to be allocated to each team, with each employee having complete visibility of the route. It also optimizes vehicle usage, service levels, over the road performance to command-and-control center.

Increasing costs are a challenge in any business. Cost of managing an aging fleet is a massive challenge for the CIT & ATM Management companies and that means they need to identify and discard unnecessary expenses to make the fleet cost-efficient. Vehicle Maintenance Costs can quickly get out of control, so keeping on top of all the expenses is the key. This can mean regularly reviewing and reducing fuel consumption, managing efficient vehicle utilization, reducing downtime of vehicles, analyzing driver behavior, and performing more services in a shorter time window with less vehicles. CASHMILES can help CIT Companies get the insight they need to face this challenge through:

Tracking Fuel Consumption
One of the biggest challenges Cash in Transit Companies face is fluctuating fuel bills. These are often due to the pilferage /misuse of fuel. CASHMILES tracks the consumption/filling of fuel and evaluates the usage to see which routes/drivers deliver the most cost savings. In addition, CASHMILES can help you plan more efficient routes for your CIT and ATM teams so that they utilize less fuel.

Optimizing Vehicle Maintenance
Making sure vehicles are properly maintained is an ongoing task. CASHMILES ensures that preventative maintenance schedules are maintained to ensure that fleet vehicles are in good working. This allows fleets to run efficiently without unexpected breakdowns that can cause lost work and reduce fleet efficiencies.

Ensuring Compliance Requirements
Regulatory compliance is a challenge every CIT & ATM Companies face. Security checks, safety inspections, maintenance inspections are all documented in CASHMILES so that a full trail of information is available for audits. With the help of CASHMILES rest assure that no non-compliant vehicle will leave the base without the knowledge of the managers/supervisors. CASHMILES helps improve the efficiency of and increase visibility into your operations and you stay in compliance with Central Banks (CB) Regulations and Ministry of Interiors (MOI) regulations.

Accident Tracking
Accidents are always a major risk especially for cash businesses that depend on drivers’ behaviors and vehicles. Accidents can be a significant cost to your cash business, even more if there if an injury to crew is involved. When accidents happen, we need to ensure the appropriate actions are taken based on the severity of the accident, the extent of the damage to the van and injuries to the crew. These must be recorded and reported back so appropriate actions can be taken by management/supervisors. A proper automated reporting mechanism needs to be in place to help the drivers or the Team Leaders to handle and report the accident in accordance with the given guidelines efficiently and quickly. FMM provides the easy-to-use preset templates to help teams manage such an event.

Security & Safety
Security & Safety is a priority for fleets especially in the Cash Logistics Industry and so it is a priority for any efficient fleet Management System. CASHMILES lets you effectively monitor aggressive and dangerous behaviors by the driver, vehicle, at an individual and a fleet-wide level. This information can be used to create driver safety programs. Integrating CCTVs technology, can allow you to develop personalized training programs, giving your teams focused coaching that is built on their specific issues, creating a safer operation.