Optimizing costs and productivity is a top priority for the commercial cash centers. LYNX’s CASHMATE addresses these challenges by connecting fragmented processes, making operations more transparent, and optimizing management of time and resources. CASHMATE optimizes your cash center processes and workflows while minimizing cash touchpoints and mistakes.

CASHMATE provides the overview you need to enhance performance and planning. It also enables cash centers to become more efficient by providing comprehensive visibility of the management of cash, utilization of resources, and readiness of machines/equipment as well as both inbound and outbound order processes.

CASHMATE reduces time, labor costs, and manual errors, while increasing the security of processes and providing optimum process support. With CASHMATE, gain real-time visibility, streamline processes with automated reconciliation, and take full control of every aspect of your cash center operations. It Optimizes your workforce, workload, processes, and assets to bring down expenditures thereby improves the operational performance and curtail the costs immensely.

Holistic Approach

Extend the benefits of CASHMATE by combining it with the modular platform for CIT, ATM, Reconciliation and Security. These end-to-end solutions offer data-rich insights and automation, enabling you to optimize the performance of your cash centers.

Increased Control

Through CASHMATE you can get detailed, real-time insights into cash center operations, performance, and planning. Making reconciliation more real and efficient and identifying discrepancies immediately is made possible by CASHMATE. Additionally, you can view cash demand trends at an early stage and automate the handover of incoming and outgoing consignments to better manage vault positions.


Often the people responsible for managing the business of your currency supply chain do not have immediate access to critical timely information. Circulating multiple spreadsheets for cut-and-paste updates often creates more problems than it solves. CASHMATE can provide your organization with a real-time end-to-end view of your currency supply chain. It not only delivers a high level of visibility but also provides accuracy and precision, which would be impossible to achieve with spreadsheets or guesswork.

CASHMATE provides a comprehensive, automated and flexible cash management platform for your cash center processing activities. It controls the physical path of cash through your cash center, as well as the data associated with it. Access to real-time operational data enables you to take full control of the available resources and the cash processing through various stages within the cash center.

Vault Management Module

CASHMATE centralizes the management of critical vault operations and asset information such as Insurance limits, physical capacity, types of currency, coin and metals managed, minimum and maximum target inventory levels and other factors that influence branch cash management decisions. Separate tills are maintained and automatically updated for each customer. The same can be audited by Internal or external auditors at a short notice.

Reconciliation Module

CASHMATE ensures the cash management department maintains the right amount of cash at the right time and for the lowest cost to the customers/banks. It automates the process of balancing and reconciling cash, in the ATMs and vaults, across the spectrum of your currency supply chain.

The automated functionality of CASHMATE cuts down reconciliation costs by recording cash levels from initial order, actual packed order, cash delivered, residual cash level, and end-of-day balance per ATMs. This helps you to manage exceptions, reconcile batches, and monitor dispatch, while also reducing labor costs and internal cash shrinkage more effectively.

Cash Forecasting Module

From Multibank Cash Centers (MBCCs) to single bank Cash Centers, CFM manages the complexities of any size for cash and coin processing at the denomination level. CFM is much more than a forecasting tool. CFM optimizes on-hand cash balances across the entire operation, eliminating cash-outs, cross-shipping expenses and wasteful cash processing, handling, and transportation costs. It is simple to set up, learn and operate. CFM enables your branches to achieve a new level of efficiency in the cash ordering process.

CFM brings heightened efficiency to the task of managing the high cost of cash transportation services, which can compound the expense of cash management efforts. This rise in cash transportation costs drives the desire to optimize cash-on-hand inventories, Cash Centers are turning to cash management automation solutions. CFM provides a simple yet scalable online solution for managing denomination-level cash inventories—for a MBCC or a single bank Cash Centre.

CFM enables you to maintain a finely detailed end-to-end view of your currency supply chain. In addition to tracking the physical location of cash consignments, CFM also forecasts future demand for cash. Cash demand forecasting is a unique challenge in the supply chain space because, unlike manufacturing or retail supply chain management, cash inventory flows in both directions. This circular flow requires a forecast of not only demand but also of supply in the form or currency returned to the vault.

Automated Cash Orders

Automating your cash orders ensures accuracy and precision, virtually eliminating unnecessary cash transportation services. CASHMATE sets a new standard in cash management efficiency. It begins with dispatch and ends with billing. Along the way CASHMATE automates every step! Whether you are managing your own in-house field teams or need to ensure that your outsourced field service provider meets your stringent SLAs, CASHMATE is the perfect solution. CASHMATE is a real-time dispatch, monitoring and billing/reconciliation system that can monitor and track the progress of every service event, from inception to resolution to final accounting.